Alleged bullying victim commented on LE SERRAFIM Kim Garam’s YouTube fancam

Korean netizens are paying attention to a YouTube comment supposedly made by a schoolmate of LE SERRAFIM Kim Garam.

On the Mnet focus fancam of LE SERRAFIM Kim Garam, a YouTube user commented: “I could not say anything for fear of getting sued, nor did I post anything because I had nothing to say. But all the kids at Kyung In Secondary know just how much of a sneaky and dirty student you are. You were the one who made me detested and feared school. Just thinking about you being so happy to debut as an idol now can make me so furious my blood boils. Now you will surely stand at the top and receive love from people. But remember that a lot of us wanted to drag you down.” 

Kim Ga-ram

Following these comments are also many other Koreans that discussed Kim Garam and her school violence and indecent behavior. 

Below are some of the comments:

  • Normally I don’t write comments, but I also want to support this group without any remorse. If only HYBE can think about us fans and resolve the bullying issue, so we can stan with full spirit.  I want to support Sakura and Kim Chaewon so please let Kim Garam leave the group. 
  • Please say something about this. Because of a member’s action, fans of the groups are being criticized and judged. Hopefully the truth will come out soon, but serious, just how many victims suffer under her…?
  • International fans are stupid. Yes, the school violence accusations are vague but the indecent behaviors at school are as clear as day. They need to stop covering for such a vulgar girl.
  • Is it fine to let a bully appear all proud on TV like this? Other school bullies will then start thinking that they can also be idols, that they can hide it… Kim Garam better feel ashamed and get out of the group
  • Must be a bad student to go around bullying people like that. I don’t think this kind of girl will listen to parents. 
  • It’s the international fans’ stupidity that allows her to debut as if she’s innocent. How long do you think you can pretend not to know anything huh Kim Garam?
  • Even if she’s not a bully, her personality is probably trash. I want to stan LE SSERAFIM but this fiasco effectively stopped me. I don’t want to say this but HYBE needs to wake up and think about keeping showbiz clean.
  • To become an idol is to become someone the young look up to, so idols need to be proper people. Just leave the group in silence. 
  • No matter how much evidence the victims can provide, the company will be able to deflect those. Blind fans will be going around saying that there’s no trustworthy proofs and defend a school bully stupidly, while the perpetrator will think she can live peacefully while receiving love from fans. Personally I can’t wait for the day Garam gets out of the industry. Super disappointed in HYBE this time. Hopefully this bully will screw up majorly so that she knows when to stop.
  • If Kim Garam is such a nice person then there would be other students who defend her. But all we see are more and more victims appearing everyday. Her past must be terrible, and she better leave before things get worse

Before debuting, LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam was accused of school violence by a netizen, followed by a series of shocking past photos and other allegations by schoolmates.  At this, HYBE, the idol’s agency, denied all accusations and said that the accusations were edited in a malicious way and that Kim Garam was actually a victim, not the perpetrator. 

Kim Ga Ram

Kim Garam herself abstained from answering questions about the controversies, saying: “I hope  you understand that it is difficult for us to say anything at the moment. I will show you my hard work as a member of LE SSERAFIM.”

Kim Ga-ram

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