Squid Game caused controversies at Baeksang 2022, said to have “ruined the prestige of the Grand Prize Daesang” 

Everyone was shocked when Squid Game was announced as Daesang winners. 

On May 6th local time, the prestigious Baeksang Arts Award 2022 was hosted in Korea, earning mostly praises from netizens for picking well-deserved winners. However, when “Squid Game” was announced to be the winner of Daesang, controversies arose. People started questioning why this Netflix Series managed to secure the grandest prize, despite not being the Best Drama. 

Squid Game
“Squid Game” was the Daesang winner of the 2022 Baeksang. 

According to many netizens, while the global influence of “Squid Game” is undeniable, the series is too overrated and not deserving of the grand prize Daesang. They believe that an honor as prestigious as the Daesang needs to be awarded to a really worthy, meaningful, and artistic series, not something popular on SNS and the media. 

Squid Game
Squid Game

Some comments from netizens: 

  • I expected “Squid Game” to win Best Drama at most. For it to get Daesang is a joke.
  • Stop saying international popularity as an excuse! Baeksang needs to start a Best PR award because that’s the only thing Squid Game should win.
  • Totally ruined the prestige of the Grand Prize Daesang
  • This series is more viral than Daesang material, sorry it is just unworthy.
Squid Game
Alongside the grand prize Daesang, “Squid Game” also won Best Director in Drama. 


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