Jennie’s unique eye makeup was accused of plagiarism

 Recently, BlackPink has caught massive attention after releasing teaser photos for the new single “How you like that”.

  As idols who have great influence in fashion and beauty, besides music, the outfits, hairstyles, and make-up of 4 girls also receive special attention.

 Not only with the trendy two-color hair, Jennie also attracted attention with fierce eye makeup, with a pink flame drawn under her eye in a unique way. After looking at these photos, BlackPink fans were proud that Jennie would create a new trend of makeup and hair dye among young people.

 However, netizens quickly found out the similarity between Jennie’s makeup and the work of make up artist Nushafarin that she posted on social media.

 The incident quickly gained attention among Kpop fans and became a hot topic.  Netizens said that BlackPink makeup artist used other artist’s creations without permission, copying the idea.

 On the side of BlackPink fans, they think that this makeup method has been applied by many people and is a make-up trend called “fire eyes” that was born in 2013 after the movie Hunger Game. Therefore, this is not plagiarism.

 Not long after that, this information reached the makeup artist Nushafarin.  She even made an official statement on the controversy involving her and BlackPink makeup artist

 Nushafarin shared that she did not want anyone to be attacked in this incident.  She also expressed willingness to collaborate and hope to have her name on the credit.

Jennie's unique eye makeup was accused of plagiarism

Nushafarin’s reaction immediately received praises from the online community for being so gentle and lovely.  Many expressed hope that after this, she will be invited by the companies to their make-up teams so that her career can develop more.

 Both Kill This Love and How You Like That make up were done by famous makeup artist Maeng for BlackPink.  However, this person has yet to speak up after being accused of stealing ideas.

Jennie's unique eye makeup was accused of plagiarism

 Previously, Jennie also gained attention with her makeup look in Kill this love.  The idea for the look was contributed by the YG idol herself, inspired by the movie Tomb Raider.  The highlight of that make up look are the sparkling gems at the corner of the eyes.  This trend has since become quite popular

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