Beating Jun Ji-hyun, Song Hye-kyo, and Go Hyun-jung, Lee Young-ae was selected as the Actress of the Year by Cine21

The list of “Person of the Year” chosen by the media outlet specializing in movies Cine21 is drawing keen attention.

Cine21 selected and released the list of Person of the Year in the series/dramas category on December 24th. Cine21 said, “The ‘Person of the Year’ list for dramas has a total of 7 classifications, including Best Director, Best Staff, Best Writer, Best Actor/Actress, and Best New Actor/Actress in series and one-act plays that aired from January 1 to December 19, 2021”. 30 film critics, reporters, and TV reviewers reportedly participated in the selection of this list.

Jeon Ji-hyun
Song Hye Kyo
Go Hyun-jung
Jeon Do-yeon

Surpassing many outstanding actresses, such as Jun Ji-hyun (tvN’s “Jirisan”), Song Hye-kyo (SBS’s “Now, We Are Breaking Up”), Go Hyun-jung (JTBC’s “Reflection of You”), Jeon Do-yeon (JTBC’s “LOST”), etc., Lee Young-ae of JTBC’s “Inspector Koo” was selected as the Actress of the Year in the series category, attracting huge attention.

Lee Young-ae

Explaining the reason for their selection, Cine21 explained, “Playing the lead role of a hard-boiled comic detective drama, Lee Young-ae faithfully portrayed her character who allowed all kinds of levitating devices to be used in real life, and at the same time added a distant depth to the abyss of a person who lost love.”

Though “Inspector Koo” struggled in terms of ratings, Lee Young-ae received many compliments for making an impressive remark in her acting career by successfully transforming herself with a new image through this drama.

In addition, the Actor of the Year went to Ko Kyo-hwan (Netflix’s series “D.P”, “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”). Accordingly, this year’s Best New Actress is Jung Ho-yeon (Netflix’s “Squid Game”) and Best New Actor is Tang Jung-sang (Netflix’s series “Move To Heaven”, SBS’s “Racket Boys”).



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