Kang So-ra expressed her amazement and disclosed details about her iconic 2014 MAMA dress 

The 39-thousand-won dress was actually hard to breath in. 

On the 16th, “Can We Be Strangers” Jang Seung-jo and Kang So-ra appeared as guests in MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young, a Hope Song at Noon” and discussed Kang So-ra’s dress from years ago. 

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For the talk, Kim Shin-young asked, “The ‘Kang So-ra dress’ is still being mentioned as a big topic. Have you ever thought it would be a hot topic?”

Kang So-ra said, “I had no idea. It is also surprising that it is still in the related search term.  At that time, the dress had to close the diaphragm and squeeze the body in, so it was very difficult. I couldn’t breathe.”

kang so ra 2014 mama

In 2014, Kang So-ra appeared in a 39.000 won dress at the “MAMA Awards” ceremony, drawing attention for her perfectly fit body.

Jang Seung-jo took the opportunity and teased, “We will be able to see So-ra’s fit in our drama as well.” However, Kang So-ra quickly clarified, “It’s a suit fit,” drawing laughter.

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