BamBam mentioned Lisa and Minnie in an interview with Allure Korea

Fans feel very excited when GOT7 BamBam’s shared about his Thai friends, BLACKPINK Lisa and (G)I-DLE Minnie.

BamBam of GOT7, recently, sat down with the June issue of ‘Allure’ magazine for an open and honest conversation about his career, background, past, and future.

Here, the GOT7 member shared a lot about his life in Korea as well as the difference between this country and Thailand.

In particular, when asked to suggest a dish, BamBam (GOT7) mentioned Leng Saab. He also shared: “It is a very delicious dish.  Lisa and Minnie ((G)I-dle) like it too.  We usually go out to eat it at least once a month.”

The Thai male idol’s fans get excited when he mentioned Lisa and Minnie. The three all came from Thailand and get close to each other for a long time. 

Lisa and BamBam often interact naturally with each other.  BamBam also defended BLACKPINK’s maknae when she was attacked by antifans.  He also often gives compliments to her. 

Bambam lisa
Lisa and BamBam have been close since they were at a very young age
Bambam lisa
They often interact naturally with each other.  

Just like Lisa, Minnie is also a close friend of the GOT7 member.  The male idol was very thoughtful when he often sent gifts and coffee trucks to Minnie when she was working on a personal project.

Bambam minnie
BamBam sent a coffee truck to Minnie

The fans are deeply moved and admired by this Thai idol trio’s love and caring for each other. And luckily, they all have successful careers when working in Korea. BamBam debuted as a member of GOT7, one of the most prominent groups of the 3rd generation. While Lisa is a member of the most popular K-pop girl group right now, Minnie and (G)I-DLE are also gradually gaining attention among 4th generation girl groups.

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