BTS RM will release music together with SE SO NEON’s Hwang So Yoon (So!YoON!)

Hwang So Yoon (So!YoON!) of the band SE SO NEON and RM, a member of the group BTS, will be having a collaboration. 

Leader and front person of the band SE SO NEON, Hwang So Yoon (also known as So!YoON!), recently unveiled her title song and featured artist ahead of the release of the 2nd full-length album “Episode1: Love”, as part of the solo project “So!YoON!”. In particular, this title song will be named “Smoke Sprite” with the feature of BTS RM.


Previously on February 17th, pre-released singles “Bad” and “CANADA” were also unveiled as part of the “So! YoON” project, alongside a preview teaser video, in which model-actor Jang Yoon Joo participated. Now, an MV teaser has been dropped, showing Hwang So Yoon and RM together, drawing huge attention. 

The song is also known to have RM participate in the lyrics writing and composition, raising the expectations of music fans.

RM of BTS is a musician with a history of collaborating with artists of various genres and participating in lyrics and composition for a number of songs. He released his first solo mixtape “RM” in 2015, solo mixtape “mono.” in 2018, and his first solo album “Indigo” in December 2022.

hwang so yoon

On the other hand, Hwang So Yoon has established herself as a global artist by continuing steady collaboration with overseas artists, starting with the release of the 2019 single “HOLIDAY” and the first full-length album “So!YoON!”.  Hwang So Yoon’s new solo album, which shows a new world of music through splendid collaboration, will feature Park Ji Yoon and Y2K92’s Jibin in addition to RM, alongside various producers and musicians. 

Hwang So Yoon’s second full-length album “Episode1: Love” will be released on various music platforms at 6:00 pm (KST) on March 14th. In addition, the title song “Smoke Sprite” (feat. RM of BTS) will be released as a music video through SE SO NEON’s official YouTube channel at the same time. 

Source: Daum

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