“Ask Me Anything” says, “The professor who fainted on live broadcast has received detailed health examination, he is healthy”

After a member of the panel appearing on KBS 1TV’s “Ask Me Anything” collapsed during a live broadcast and surprised viewers, the production team announced that he is in good health. 

In an episode of “Ask Me Anything” that was broadcast live on the morning of Mar 15th, the MCs said, “Many people are worried about the emergency that occurred during the live broadcast yesterday. As a result of a close health examination, the professor is currently in a healthy situation. We’re grateful to those who worried for him,” they said.

Ask Anything

On the previous day, “Ask Me Anything” contains the stories of experts under the theme of “Numbness and Ache.” However, Professor Kim Hak-sun of Yonsei University Medical School, who appeared as a member of the panel, surprised viewers after he suddenly fainted and collapsed while talking about the theme of “Where Is It Blocking Inside My Body”.

Ask Anything

This situation was captured on live TV, and the production team hurriedly replaced the studio screen with a VCR. At the end of the broadcast, the MCs explained, “Professor Kim Hak-sun, who collapsed during the broadcast, is now regaining stability and taking a rest.”

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