“2PM Date” Bada: “New Jeans has a similar music vibe to S.E.S”

Singer Bada recalled her days as a member of S.E.S. when she heard the new song of new girl group New Jeans.

MBC FM4U’s “2PM Date with Muzie and Ahn Young-mi” (hereinafter referred to as “2PM Date”), which aired on August 16th, featured Bada, a former S.E.S member, who recently made a comeback with her new song.

ses bada

Bada revealed why she joined SM Entertainment, recalling her early debut days. “When I was in high school, I was known as a student who can sing a little bit. I went to a casting audition of SM. At the time, I sang Jang Hye-jin’s ‘To Me’. Usually, I don’t get into the rhythm when singing ballad, but the judge said they were impressed that I kept the beat with my feet at the time,” she recalled.

“I’ve grown a lot while singing Yoo Young-jin’s SM songs,” she said. “The new song of New Jeans also has a little of the SM atmosphere like that. Of course, they are much prettier and fresher than us, but their music vibe feels similar to that of S.E.S.”

New Jeans is a girl group produced by CEO Min Hee-jin, who moved to HYBE after working as the creative director at SM Entertainment. As soon as the group debuted with “Attention” on August 1st, the response is scorchingly hot.

DJ Muzie said, “I’m curious about SM’s unique singing style. Usually, JYP is famous for the ‘half-air, half-sound’ one,” to which Bada replied, “SM is also the ‘half-air, half-sound’ one but with a little more substance. I feel like I have a nucleus in my voice. To put it grandly, it sounds like the outerspace.”


Bada recently released her sixth single, “Localized Heavy Rain,” on August 11th. It’s her first ballad song in three years since 2019, which she worked with composer K who has released several hit songs. 

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