StayC’s music producer: ‘Although ASAP hit the jackpot, the group hasn’t broken even yet… they will be paid next year’

Music producer Rado mentioned the earnings of his agency’s group StayC.

The October 15th broadcast of the web entertainment show ‘Gura Cheol’ featured Rado – Highup Entertainment’s CEO. On this day, MC Kim Gu-ra asked, “How much does it cost to produce a girl group album?”.

Rado surprised everyone by saying, “1.5~2 billion won. It costs 100 million won more just for a music video. It’s 400~500 million won for big companies.” In response, Kim Gu-ra wondered what the company expected in return for the investment when producing a new girl group. Rado answered frankly, “We need to earn 2~3 billion won more.” 

stayc producer Rado
stayc producer Rado

When Kim Gu-ra asked if StayC turned into a surplus or a decifit compared to investment, Rado tapped the calculator and confessed, “It’s been three years since we established this company. The agency’s maintenance costs are enormous. When it comes to StayC, I think they’ll turn into a surplus.”

Later, Rado added that StayC has not yet made enough profit, but it is close to breaking even. Kim Gu-ra said, “Sooner or later, StayC will be paid.” Hearing this, Rado shared, “They could get paid by the middle or end of next year.”

stayc producer Rado
stayc producer Rado

Meanwhile, the six-member girl group StayC, which debuted in November 2020, has become popular by surpassing 10,000 copies in the first week of their debut album Star To A Young Culture’s release and ranking first among girl groups that debuted last year.


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