An actress in her 30s certified her 11-year-old pregnancy test on SNS: “I can’t throw this away”

Actor Park Hwan-hee drew attention by uploading a photo of her 11-year-old pregnancy test on SNS.

On Jan 13th, Park Hwan-hee said on her Instagram story, “It’s an 11-year-old pregnancy test stick. I can’t throw it away,” along with a photo.

Park Hwan-hee

The released photos include a pregnancy test that confirmed her pregnancy of her son in the past and a name tag worn by her son immediately after being born.

Park Hwan-hee

The name tag drew attention with the written birth date of “January 13, 2012” and the baby’s weight of 3.0kg. In addition, Park Hwan-hee expressed her affection by releasing part of her prenatal care diary to mark her son’s birthday.

Park Hwan-hee

She said, “The exact time is a secret. It’s been 10 years since our puppy appeared in this world, 11 years old. It’s this mother’s prenatal care diary that I take out every birthday,” she recalled. She added, “I still remember that I wanted to eat strawberries so much during labor.”

Park Hwan-hee

Park Hwan-hee married rapper Bill Stax (former Vasco) in 2011 and gave birth to a son. However, after a year and three months, they got divorced, and it is known that Bill Stax currently has custody of their child.

Park Hwan-hee

Park Hwan-hee recently drew attention by posting a photo taken of her hugging her son while wearing a couple look on SNS. Park Hwan-hee was born in 1990 and is 32 years old this year. She appeared in the tvN drama “Jirisan” last year and reunited with the viewers for the first time in three years.


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