Considered as a flop in Korea, Red Velvet’s new album has achieved many achievements on Billboard

Red Velvet’s fifth mini album, “RBB (Really Bad Boy),” has just hit the Billboard charts.

Last November, Red Velvet returned with their fifth mini-album titled “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” with their title song of the same name. However, the song was considered to be harder to hear than the previous hits such as “Bad Boy” or “Power Up” and flop at the Korean music charts. But surprisingly, the album and the song “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” gained some achievements on the Billboard charts.

Red Velvet had a comeback in late November but it was not very successful in their hometown

Specifically, the song “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” and their album is currently leading the charts: World Digital Song Sales and Heatseekers Albums. In addition, the album ranked No. 2 on the Billboard‘s World Album chart.

These remarkable ratings show that “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” is not a step back for Red Velvet. The melody of the song seems to fit and attract more listeners on the international market.

“RBB (Really Bad Boy)” topped the charts as World Digital Song Sales …
.. and Heatseekers Albums
Not stopping there, “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” also came in at # 2 on the Billboard’s World Album Chart
Congratulations to Red Velvet on these new achievements!
MV “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” – Red Velvet

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