Kim Jong Kook opens up about freezing sperm and exercising on ‘Food Travel’

‘Anyang’s son’, singer Kim Jong Kook appeared on the October 8th broadcast of TV Chosun’s program ‘Heo Young Man’s Food Travel’.

Kim Jong Kook

Heo Young Man and Kim Jong Kook went to a ribs restaurant together. The owner said, “I cut the middle part of the beef ribs lengthwise to serve you two.” Heo Young Man laughed and responded, “It feels like I’m getting preferential treatment.”

Heo Young Man started the conversation, “Many people around you probably set you up with women. What do you think?”. Kim Jong Kook replied, “I feel pressured about being introduced to others. It’s better to meet and get to know each other naturally, but as I get older, I become more cautious.”

Kim Jong Kook

He added, “When I was young, I dated and broke up many times, but now it’s a little different.” Hearing this, Heo Young Man brought up sperm cryopreservation, “Lee Sang Min told me that he had made a deposit to do that in the future.”

Kim Jong Kook said, “Since the last couple years, I have friends around me who are also getting older and uncertain about their future plans. We have been talking about freezing our sperm together. I’m seriously thinking about it.”

Heo Young Man then continued the conversation, “I heard that you went through a tough time in your career during the early years.” Kim Jong Kook expressed his regret, “While doing this job, I saw a lot of friends who went downhill from the top.”

Heo Young Man asked, “You won three awards, a music Daesang, an entertainment Daesang and even a reward for YouTube subscribers. What else do you need?” Kim Jong Kook answered, “I want to be steady rather than planning a grand future. It seems that I’m greedy to always want things to be as good as they are now. Still, I want to be a person who can give people a good feeling until the very end.”

Heo Young Man then jokingly said, “I was worried because I thought that Kim Jong Kook would be interested in winning the broadcast Daesang. I’m glad you’re not my rival.”

Kim Jong Kook

On the other hand, when asked, “How many times a week do you exercise?”, Kim Jong Kook shared, “I exercise every day. I don’t personally set days off. I do it every day because I don’t know when to rest. Even on my days off, I keep going to the gym, press numbers and do some workouts.”

After seeing Kim Jong Kook eating, Heo Young Man said, “It stimulates the appetite of those who watch you eat. As a person who works out, I thought he would set a limit. I think he is the best eater among the guests.” Kim Jong-kook responded, “If possible, I try to eat everything deliciously”. Then, he made everyone laugh, “I eat and exercise, but my manager doesn’t do it, so he keeps gaining weight. He was originally very skinny, but he is getting rounder.”

Source: Naver

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