“2 to 3 packs of cigarettes in 2 hours,” Ko Kyung-pyo revealed behind-the-scenes of his smoking scene in “Decision to Leave” 

Actor Ko Kyung-pyo told the behind-the-scenes story of his smoking scene in the movie “Decision to Leave.”

The movie “Decision to Leave” is a movie about detective Hae-joon (Park Hae-il), who was investigating a case of death in the mountain, meeting the deceased’s wife, Seorae (Tang Wei) who made him feel suspicion and interest at the same time. Ko Kyung-pyo played the role of Chun-woo, a South Korean soldier with about three months left before his discharge.

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On August 12th, Ko Kyung-pyo appeared in an interview about the movie “6/45” and confessed about his behind-the-scene episode in “Decision to Leave.”

Ko Kyung-pyo said, “I felt the dignity as a master of director Park Chan-wook,” adding, “Even when I did my line, I think the hesitation in front or the delivery of the ending remarks can change the meaning of the scene, which is why he pointed it out accurately in detail.”

In the movie, the line, “Her husband died, but she said she was not surprised,” drew attention as it is said to be an imitation of director Park Chan-wook’s tone.

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Ko Kyung-pyo explained, “I filmed the scene of smoking while rebelling against Hae-joon in the smoking room for about two hours due to director Park Chan-wook’s delicate directing.”

In particular, Ko Kyung-pyo surprised everyone by saying that he smoked two to three packs of cigarettes during the two-hour shooting.

Ko Kyung-pyo said, “The director continued until every moment was right. It was not exhausting and it was fun,” he explained.

go kyung pyo

Meanwhile, Ko Kyung-pyo will appear in “6/45,” which will be released on August 24th. 

“6/45” is a film about the comical encounter between South and North Korean soldiers over the 5.7 billionth won Lotto, which has crossed the Military Demarcation Line through the wind, taking many trendy actors such as Ko Kyung-pyo, Lee Yi-kyung, and Eum Moon-seok to Chungmuro.

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