Woo Young-woo’s dad kidnapped and tormented Woo Young-woo in the past? The truth behind this is…

Park Eun-bin and Jeon Bae-soo are working together as Woo Young-woo and her father Woo Gwang-ho in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. 

The two, who are showing the appearance of affectionate father – daughter, met through a bad relationship in “The Ghost Detective” 4 years ago. With the success of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“, scenes from “The Ghost Detective” have become a hot topic again.

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“The Ghost Detective” is a drama about detective Lee Da-il (Choi Daniel), who catches ghosts, trying to solve the case of his assistant Jung Yeo-wool (Park Eun-bin)’s younger sibling’s bizarre death. He runs into a mysterious woman in red called Sunwoo Hye (Lee Ji-ah) who appears at every crime scene.

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In the drama, in order to stop Sunwoo Hye (Lee Ji-ah) from running away, Jung Yeo-wool (Park Eun-bin) enters her hospital room. However, Jeon Deok-joong (Jeon Bae-soo), who appears as Sunwoo Hye’s helper, stops her, ties her hands and feet as well as tries to kidnap and kill her.

Fortunately, Jung Yeo-wool later succeeds in blocking Jeon Deok-joong by using her wits. Who would have known that this drama’s bad relationship would lead to father – daughter 4 years later?

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