“Answering was scary” Korean-style greeting that was difficult for LE SSERAFIM Sakura to understand

LE SSERAFIM member Sakura revealed that it was difficult for her to adapt to the Korean-style greetings.

On May 8th, a video with the guest appearance LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura and Huh Yunjin was uploaded to the YouTube channel “Psik Univ.”


Huh Yunjin was asked, “I heard that you were born in the United States,” to which she replied, “I was born in Korea but went to the United States when I was 8 months old. I spent most of my life there.”

When asked, “What was the most difficult thing about living in Korea?” Huh Yunjin said, “I’ve lived in Korea for so long that there’s nothing particularly difficult about it.


On the other hand, Sakura said, “At first, I didn’t understand the greeting ‘Have you eaten?’ I thought, ‘Why are they curious about whether I ate? Do we have to eat together?’ Answering was a bit scary, so I always said that I ate even if I didn’t.

To this, Lee Yong Joo said, “‘Have you eaten?’ is a greeting,” and Jung Jae Hyung explained with a laugh, “These days, it has changed a bit. Instead of ‘Have you eaten?’ They say things like ‘You’ve lost weight these days.’ It’s a modern Seoul-style greeting.

Source: wikitree

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