After BLACKPINK, this is Knet’s new “darling”: They have everything from background, visuals to talents

Being both beautiful and talented and also have powerful background, this is why ITZY is so quickly loved by Korean netizens.

On February 10, the most anticipated 2019 rookie of JYP Entertainment, ITZY officially greeted fans with the song Dalla Dalla. As soon as it was released, Dalla Dalla had earned ITZY a massive performance and turned the name ITZY into a formidable “dinosaur rookie” in Kpop.

ITZY officially debuted with the title song Dalla Dalla.

In addition, fans also found that ITZY is gradually becoming Knet’s “new darling” when the group-related articles receive a lot of compliments. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind Knet’s favor for ITZY!

The first outstanding point is their appearance. During IZTY’s showcase, all 5 members created an impression thanks to their height and outstanding visuals, especially the youngest Yuna. Not only at the present, but Yuna’s past images have also shown her beautiful appearance from her childhood. Is this JYP tradition when the youngest member of the group always takes on the role of visual and is always the most prominent member of the group?

ITZY members all have outstanding visuals.
Especially the youngest Yuna.

Talking about talent, most of ITZY’s members have joined some survival shows such as Ryujin for MIXNINE, Yeji in The Fan…so they are undeniably talented. With dream achievement as a rookie such as the group with the most viewed debut MV in 24 hours (13,9 million views), the fact that K-net is caring and adoring them is easy to understand.

Aside from that, the ITZY girls are also very talented.

ITZY’s family background also became a hot topic on the internet. According to many sources collected bynetizens, ITZY have at least 3 members who come from rich families.

Among them, Ryujin was born and grows up in Gangnam, one of the most expensive area in Korea. Lia used to study at an international school and Chaeryeong’s house is compared with a shopping mall. Even though these are just unconfirmed information, everyone are still curious and admire the rich family background of ITZY’s members.

The members’ family background also stirs up the curiosity of netizens.

In the history of K-Pop, only a few are considered as K-netizens’ favourite. To be loved by the netizens, that group has to have talent, good personality, outer appearance and famous hits. BLACK PINK, SHINee, BTS, WANNA ONE,…are some of those names. ITZY can now be seen as the representative of the next idol generation to inherit the name “K-netizens’ favourite”.

Sources: yan

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