The “airport fashion war” of 4th gen Kpop girl groups: aespa and IVE praised, NMIXX controversial

The fashion of 4th generation Kpop girl groups at the airport as they travel to KCON Japan has been the talk of town.

Alongside showing off their fashion on the stage and the red carpet, there’s another spot where most Kpop stars feel the need to glam up: the airport. In fact, the airport is where Kpop idols can flaunt their true daily, yet still extremely fashionable style. 

Recently, many famous 4th generation Kpop girl groups have the chance to deck out in airport fashion as they depart for KCON Japan. With familiar names like aespa, NewJeans, IVE, NMIXX, and LE SSERAFIM, the airport has truly turned into a “fashion battle”. 

aespa airport

It’s no exaggeration to say that aespa’s airport fashion has improved considerably, as Karina, Winter, and NingNing also stick to the central color of black. In particular, all the 3 girls hold black handbags, with Winter and Karina donning long pants and NingNing opting for a crop top and tennis skirt.  

aespa airport

The visuals of aespa also do not disappoint, with Karina and NingNing looking extremely dashing. NingNing‘s platinum blond hair looks stylish and chic, while Karina keeps it simple with long black hair. Winter’s brown hair, meanwhile, exudes a neat and youthful vibe. 

newjeans airport

Despite having debuted only 3 months ago, NewJeans is already drawing a lot of attention, especially when it comes to the realm of fashion. Despite tackling hard-to-wear outfits, each member of NewJeans all seems to rock the style. In addition, while their clothes differ vastly, there’s a running cohesion with mostly oversized silhouettes and an innocent and sporty theme. 

new jeans airport

NewJeans manage to impress with their bright energy and refreshing visuals, topped with simple braided hair and natural makeup looks. 

IVE airport

On the other hand, IVE looks like feminine and classy young ladies in short skirts, jackets, socks and winter boots. They also opt for muted colors for an elegant vibe, which range from black, white, to different shades of beige. 

le sserafim airport

LE SSERAFIM is also about looking modern and hip, with various items embodying current trends, such as leg warmers, low-waist skirts, and loafer shoes. 

le sserafim airport

When it comes to their makeup, however, the girl group goes for a light and natural style, with peachy lipsticks and barely any eye makeup. In addition, Kazuhu draws a lot of attention for exuding the same vibe with famous idol-actress Bae Suzy.

NMIXX airport

Among the girl groups going to KCON, NMIXX stand out the most with bold colors in their fashion choices, going from green, red, baby blue, white, to pink. However, netizens believe that the group is still lacking in cohesion, despite the clothes fitting each member well. 

Source: K14

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