An actor got married yesterday (Sep 24th) on Jeju Island… His entrance with his dog was touching

Handsome actors in their 40s are not getting married.

Lee Dong-wook, Gong Yoo, Ha Jung-woo, Kang Dong-won, Lee Jin-wook, Kim Ji-seok and countless other handsome stars are still single. Fans joke that they want them to remain “everyone’s lovers” for the rest of their lives, but they are also curious about why perfect people do not get married.

This is because it seems that there will be no end of women around them even if they stay still. Fortunately, one of the handsome stars in his 40s got married on Sep 24th.

lee ki woo

The person who held the wedding and vowed to only look at one woman for the rest of his life in front of his acquaintances was actor Lee Ki-woo, who has debuted for 20 years,

Lee Ki-woo officially became a married man after having a small wedding with a non-celebrity woman on Jeju Island on Sep 24th.

Lee Ki-woo, who has a handsome appearance and a tall height of 190cm, turned the wedding scene into a pictorial shooting site, impressing those who saw it.

Lee Ki-woo surprisingly released a photo for fans who were curious about the wedding scene.

lee ki woo

In the photo, he entered with his beloved dog Teddy, creating an atmosphere like a scene from a movie. He officially introduced Teddy to his girlfriend, who will become his new family.

Teddy, which Lee Ki-woo raises with great care, was actually an abandoned dog. Lee Ki-woo adopted Teddy, which has a lot of pain, last year after promising to be a “real family” to Teddy.

The guests were touched by Lee Ki-woo’s entrance with his dog, and sincerely congratulated him on his future.

In fact, Lee Ki-woo directly announced his marriage news through Instagram last month.

Lee Ki-woo’s wife is younger than him and is known to be a woman with both beauty and personality.

At that time, Lee Ki-woo introduced his lover to fans, “Several years ago, I met a wise and just person who deeply resonated with me. She is a person who is not stingy with sharing and knows the reward of giving. When encountering the weak, she warmly lends her hand without hesitation. She is a person who tries to live a righteous life rather than one that is well off.”

He added, “As we respect each other and walk together in search of things to learn from each other, I became confident that I would like to stay with this person in the future and try to make a family with this person, who gave me a bigger role in life. We ask for your encouragement and support so that we can build a family that can contribute even a little to the world in a happy way.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ki-woo debuted in 2003 with the movie “The Classic”.

Since then, he has attracted attention by appearing in dramas such as “A Love to Kill”, “Star’s Lover”, “Cool Guys, Hot Ramen”, “Miss Korea”, “Late Night Restaurant”, “The Doctors”, “The Lady in Dignity” and “18 Again”.

Recently, he appeared as Jo Tae-hoon in JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes” and received a lot of love.

lee ki woo

Lee Ki-woo has also been active in Chungmuro by filming various movies.

He appeared in movies such as “Misbehavior”, “Time Renegades”, “The Chaser” and “Wedding Dress”.

Source: Insight

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