Racing model revealed, “I met a married director for a movie casting, but he asked me to sleep with him”

Netizens brought up the story of a racing model who had a bad movie casting experience.

The story revealed by racing model Yoo Da Yeon, who made hot topics when appearing on the Youtube channel “Maebul Show” in 2021, is being re-examined in various online communities.

Korean scandal

During the broadcast at that time, Yoo Da Yeon introduced an anecdote of an unpleasant experience she got with a movie director, who was an acquaintance of her friend.

Yoo Da Yeon had a meeting with a married film director who said he would let her “play a small role”. 

The director told Yoo Da Yeon, “You will definitely develop under my directing”, adding “I’ll do it”. Later, he asked Yoo Da Yeon, “We’re meeting each other from now on, right?”.

Korean scandal

In response to the ambiguous expression of the director, Yoo Da Yeon asked back, “You mean we’ll meet when filming the movie, right?”.

The director replied, “Of course”, then firmly said, “I’m not interested in you”.

However, the director changed his attitude after the meeting. After arriving home, Yoo Da Yeon received a call from the director. He told Yoo Da Yeon, “I keep thinking about you and this is making me crazy. Can you just do this for me once?”.

Korean scandal

Upon hearing that, all the panelists were shocked. Yoo Da Yeon explained, “I’m not lying. The director kept begging me for it once”.

According to the story, the director complained, “Because of you (Yoo Da Yeon), I cannot do anything right now”. 

Korean scandal

In response to the unreasonable request of the director, Yoo Da Yeon firmly said, “That can’t be done when there’s no love”.

The director replied, “Then we can just love each other from today?”, adding “You can just love me for a day”.

The panelists couldn’t hold back their anger at the director’s remarks. They asked, “Is he famous?”. Yoo Da Yeon replied, “I think he’s not famous. I searched his name on the portal sites but no result came out.”.

Netizens who re-examined the story commented, “He’s crazy”, “He used his position as a director”, “We need to expel him from the entertainment industry”, “How can that person continue to work in showbiz?”, etc.

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