TWICE Momo, muscle gene “My dad was a football player and my mom was an aerobics teacher”

TWICE Momo boasted various charms.

Momo of TWICE, which recently released their English single “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE”, unveiled her pictorial for the February issue of Cosmopolitan.

twice momo

Momo wore a long dress like a mermaid princess and showcased her elegant goddess figure. She also wore a hot pink see-through top and made intense eye contact with the camera, receiving praise from the staff at the scene.

In the interview, Momo talked about TWICE‘s 12th mini album, which will be released in March, “It’ll come out in a powerful way that we haven’t shown so far. It’s a charismatic song with the choreography full of energy. I’m preparing hard to show you properly.

twice momo

Momo, a dancer who focuses on intense hip-hop and urban dance, raised expectations, “It’ll be a fun stage with TWICE’s style infused with the feeling I’m good at.

Momo, who has been dancing at a dance studio since she was 3 years old, recalled, “I was dancing from the very first moment I remember.

My older sister started dancing first. I said I wanted to dance too. I even cried and begged her to let me dance. I had the most fun while dancing. I wasn’t interested in studying, and it was my daily routine to go to a dance academy after school. I came to Korea and became a trainee as soon as I graduated from middle school.

twice momo

Was she afraid of living alone as a trainee in Korea at a young age?

Momo shared, “Rather, it was a time when I thought, ‘I hope something will change in my life.’ When I was a child, I always leaned on my sister and followed her around, so I thought a lot about wanting to do something alone.

During trainee days, Momo was famous for practicing so hard that she was nicknamed “practice bug”.

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to dancing. When it comes to dancing, I always think, ‘I have to do it until I make it.’ I practiced every day and never made a single mistake in monthly evaluations.

twice momo

When we praised Momo’s back muscles revealed during the photo shoot, Momo laughingly said, “It’s not an exercise to build muscles separately.” The muscle she is most confident about is her “abs”.

I worked out so hard when I was a trainee, so I just enjoy it now. Still, I think the reason why I have muscles is because of my genes. My dad was a football player and my mom was an aerobics teacher. I have a muscular constitution.

Momo cited the strength of her dance as “I can perform male dancers’ powerful dance in a cool way“. She also picked choreographer Kim Hye Rang, dancer Lia Kim, Just Jerk’s J-Ho and Koharu Sugawara as her role models.

She then confessed, “There are many people who think of me as having a cute image, but I’m not as cute as people think. I have a determined and easy-going side.

What does dancing mean to Momo?

I don’t have much confidence when it comes to anything other than dancing. But when I dance, I’m free. I also gain confidence. It’s nice to feel that way.

The February issue of Cosmopolitan, which features TWICE Momo’s pictorial and sincere interview, will be available for purchase at bookstores nationwide from Feb 22nd, 2022. The full text can also be found on Cosmopolitan Korea’s website.

Source: Naver

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