After the scandal, how have the lives of AOA Mina and Jimin changed?

AOA Jimin’s bullying actions made Kwon Mina’s mental state worse.

The AOA internal bullying scandal that shook people in July last year has become the talk of the town once again.  Most netizens have the same question: How have the lives of Mina and Jimin changed since this drama.


After exposing Jimin’s bad personality, Mina’s life seemed to get better and receive attention from the online community.  However, antifans often harassed and scolded Mina on her personal page, making her mentally unstable. Mina’s depression did not seem to show signs of remission, but it got worse day by day.  She often cuts her wrists, harms herself, and then posts it on Instagram. 

Although in this story, Mina was the victim, but it seems that netizens and Jimin fans did not let her live in peace.  They continued to make her experience the feeling of living in a “new cyber-bully”.

Right now, the people on the Internet who should have stood up to defend and protect her, are now constantly cursing and insulting her.  As a result of denouncing Jimin, from physical violence, she has now been mentally attacked.


As for Jimin, although she left the entertainment industry, netizens continuously dug up her actions in the past.  Until now, although Jimin officially apologized to Mina and visited her, most people commented that Jimin was not sincere and only did so to calm public opinion.

Since then until now, the former AOA leader still keeps silent and almost disappears in front of the media.  However, perhaps to let go of Jimin is impossible when the victim’s spirit and health conditions are getting worse.

Perhaps, in the short time to come, Jimin needs to act once again, apologizing directly to Mina in the most sincere way.  By doing so, her image in the eyes of fans can be somewhat better.  And maybe, Mina’s condition may have new changes in a more positive direction.


Whether a bully or a victim, the two have been together for a very long time at AOA.  And in the current situation, Jimin is probably the only person who can pull Mina out of the pit of depression .

Will Jimin continue to neglect Mina and choose to disappear from the media as she used to or will she give Mina the most sincere apology and beg for forgiveness?  Please follow Kbizoom and Kbuzz to constantly update the latest news.

Source: Kbuzz

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