“aespa’s Synk Road”… aespa delivered surprise news 2 years after debut

The main teaser for aespa’s first solo reality show “aespa’s Synk Road” has been released.

“aespa’s Synk Road” is a travel variety program with a mysterious concept in which aespa members must acquire “ae-key” cards hidden throughout the travel road to complete the “Synk Road”.

aespa synk road

Attention is being focused on the unique entertainment moments of the members struggling to acquire “ae-key” cards, as well as aespa’s realistic appearance, which will be unveiled through their first solo reality show since debut.

The release teaser shows the appearance of aespa, who went on a mysterious trip to the East Sea and Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do, which has outstanding natural scenery. From dizzying activities full of shouts and screams to standard entertainment games that require agility and sense, the image of aespa mastering every variety task is included.

aespa synk road
aespa synk road

In addition, aespa members can be seen “risking life and death” and overcoming various activities to acquire the “ae-key” card. Expectations are also raised as each member has to secretly carry out an individual mission without others knowing, at the same time work together to complete the group mission. 

Karina synk road
Ningning synk road

Curiosity is higher than ever about the broadcast, as viewers anticipate to see whether aespa will succeed after going through numerous difficulties that appeared during their trip.

winter synk road

aespa’s first solo reality show, “aespa’s Synk Road”, will be released exclusively on the OTT platform wavve at 11:00 am (KST) on December 28th.

Source: wikitree

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