“I will also become a celebrity, a star”… “Down Syndrome” actress Jung Eun-hye reveals her pride in acting while practicing the script of “Our Blues”

Jung Eun-hye, an artist and actress with Down Syndrome who played the role of Young-hee in tvN’s drama “Our Blues”, showed off her confidence as an actress.

On June 9th, a video showing Jung Eun-hye practicing acting by reading the lines of Young-hee in “Our Blues” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Caricature Artist Eunhye”.

In the video, Jung Eun-hye was concentrating on her script book and reading her lines diligently. While immersing in the script, Jung Eun-hye suddenly asked the acquaintance next to her if they had a TV at home. She then proudly said, “I’m going to appear on a drama broadcast. Watch it if you have time.

Jung Eun-hye

After repeatedly reminding her acquaintance to watch the drama, Jung Eun-hye continued her script practice. 

Even when practicing the lines before the drama filming seriously, Jung Eun-hye couldn’t hide her excitement. She smiled brightly and said, “I’m going to be a celebrity, too. I will be a star”.

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Earlier, Jung Eun-hye played Young-hee, the twin sister with Down Syndrom of Young-ok (played by Han Ji-min), in the 15th and 16th episodes of “Our Blues”. She touched all viewers by perfectly performing heavy and emotional scenes.

The fact that the role of Young-hee was played by Jung Eun-hye, who actually has Down Syndrome in real life, impressed the audience even more. She drew sympathy by presenting emotional acting together with actress Han Ji-min and actor Kim Woo-bin.

our blues

The viewers who became Jung Eun-hye fans were moved by her passionate acting. They poured out compliments and supportive messages for Jung Eun-hye, such as “I feel warm and cozy whenever I hear Eun-hye’s voice”, “I can’t forget Eun-hye’s acting. I hope you will continue to be happy like now”, etc.

jung eun hye han ji min

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