Actress Lee Yoo-bi updated her recent status and shocked fans by revealing her arm tattoos

Lee Yoo-bi drew attention by releasing a photo of her arms which are full of tattoos.

On February 10th, actress Lee Yoo-bi revealed her current situation by posting a photo on her Instagram Story and adding the caption “Cute”. The released photo attracted keen attention from netizens as it showed arms that are full of tattoos.

Actress Lee Yoo-bi arm tattoos

In response to Lee Yoo-bi’s post, fans began to wonder, “Are those Lee Yoo-bi unnie’s arms?”, “Are they real tattoos or just stickers?”

Actress Lee Yoo-bi arm tattoos

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo-bi chose the movie “Love Affair” as her next film. “Love Affair” tells about a couple, who began their love in New York in the past but broke up, going on a trip to that city again to recreate the memories of their love and match the past and present love puzzles together instead of breaking up with each other.

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