Knets claim if these Korean celebrities are involved in scandals, they will lose all faith in the entertainment industry

Despite knowing that nothing is certain, Korean netizens still count on these Korean celebrities’ personalities.

No one is perfect, so Korean netizens only hope that their country’s celebrities will live properly and the less controversy they get involved in, the better. However, within the last few years, Knets have been disappointed many times, especially when celebrities with positive and clean images suddenly get entangled in unexpected controversies.

Recently on a Korean online forum, a discussion arose over the topic “If these celebrities are involved in controversy, the entertainment industry will be hopeless”. Under the comment section, Knets suddenly realized that when a similar topic was brought up in the past, DBSK U-Know Yunho was always mentioned in the top comments. However, the male idol with a flawless image eventually got into a controversy for violating social distancing regulations by hanging out at a restaurant during the pandemic.

Although the violation was not too serious, DBSK Yunho’s long-time clean image has completely collapsed in Knets’ hearts.

After all, what netizens see is only the image of celebrities on television, not their actual personal lives. Despite knowing that nothing is certain, Korean netizens still continue to put their hope on the personalities of the following celebrities. Let’s take a look at their comments.

‘If Yoo Jaesuk’s controversy broke out, I would find it unbelievable even just by thinking about it.
‘I really believe in Yoo Jaesuk.’
‘It’s Yoo Jaesuk. If a scandal happens, our country’s entertainment industry will collapse.’
‘It seems a bit random, but I think of Lee Sangsoon’ (Songwriter and Lee Hyori’s husband)
‘For me is actress Kim Soyeon
‘Actress Park Boyoung.’
‘I pick Yoo Jaesuk and Park Boyoung.’
J-Hope of BTS.  Honestly, he seems very nice even though I’m not a fan of the group.’
‘I think it’s BTS Jung Hoseok.’
‘I immediately thought of J-Hope.’
‘Even though she’s not an artist, I immediately think of Kim Yuna’ (Skater)
‘Oh My Girl’s Hyojung for me.’
‘For me it’s Eric Nam. I really trust him.’
‘I choose Eric Nam.’
‘For me it’s Seulgi and Wendy.’
‘I trust Red Velvet‘s Seulgi.’
‘seulgi and Wendy.’
Kim Seokjin of BTS’.
‘NCT’s Jisung.’
‘I think I’ll always trust Jisung.’
‘I think it’s TXT’s Huening Kai.’
‘Even though he’s very young and nothing is sure, I still chose Huening Kai.’
‘Highlight’s Yang Yoseob.’
‘I chose IU’.
‘I choose SNSD’s Seohyun‘.
What do you think about Knets’ picks? Is there any Korean celebrity whose personality you have faith in? Please share your thoughts.
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