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Happily married Han Ga-in made people laugh as she said people can get married several times 

Han Ga-in proved her variety skills while guesting in a new program.

In the third episode of MBN’s “Greek and Roman Mythology-The Private Life of the Gods” (literal translation), which airs on October 15, Noh Sa-yeon said, “I like Hera who is  similar to me. Hera is in me.” Seol Min-seok said, “Then, I will talk about Zeus’ hot private life from now on.”

Han Ga-in

Seol Min-seok then said, “As Zeus strengthens his royal authority, he constantly meets women and starts to love them,” adding, “But Hera was adamant about Zeus’ persistent courtship. Hera said she would get married if Zeus made a marriage pledge to make her the queen of the gods.”

Han Ga-in

After hearing this, Noh Sa-yeon strongly sympathized with Hera’s position, saying, “Yes, as she should,” while also complaining, “I don’t think I can do the wedding again. It’s so tiring.” Then Han Ga-in said, “It was really hard for me, too. However, there are people who hold weddings several times,” making the cast burst into laughter.

Han Ga-in

However, Seol Min-seok surprised everyone by revealing Zeus’ actions, saying, “Zeus, who had a big wedding with Hera, visited his old lover Leto (Goddess of Motherhood) and made her pregnant, as well as flirted with Leto’s sister.” In Seol Min-seok’s “reenactment drama”-level acting, Noh Sa-yeon said, “How can he be so talented…”It’s like a monodrama,” said Han Gemma, and claps.

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