Only 3 days after getting IV fluids, Jessi reportedly came back to the hospital… Fans are worrying about her health

Jessi revealed that she has been receiving IV fluids.

Singer Jessi posted a photo on her Instagram Story on April 15th. In the picture, Jessi is lying on the bed in the hospital and getting an IV. It seems like Jessi had been overworking after making her comeback so she visited the hospital again. Internet users who saw the photo sent supportive messages to the female singer.


Earlier on the 12th, Jessi also posted a photo of herself getting an IV, causing fans’ worries. Knowing Jessi came back to the hospital only 3 days later, fans and netizens are raising concerns about her health condition.

Meanwhile, Jessi released her new digital single “ZOOM” on April 13th. She is currently appearing in tvN’s entertainment program “Sixth Sense 3” as a cast member.

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