Actress Kim Tae Hee to appear on a variety show for the first time in 13 years

Top actress Kim Tae Hee will appear on an entertainment program for the first time in 13 years through “MMTG”. 

According to OSEN’s coverage on the morning of May 18th, actress Kim Tae Hee is scheduled to participate in the recording of SBS’ web entertainment show “MMTG”. The actress confirmed her appearance in the program ahead of the release of her return drama “Lies Hidden in My Garden”, along with fellow actors Kim Sung Oh and Choi Jae Rim.

The news garnered major attention, as this is the first time in 13 years the “Stairway to Heaven” star makes an appearance on a variety show. 

In the past, Kim Tae Hee appeared on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” and left unforgettable, funny moments. The last time she joined the recording for an entertainment program was in 2010. Kim Tae Hee appeared in MBC’s “Come to Play” and KBS2’s “Win Win” to promote the main movie “Grand Prix”. In April 2011, the actress revealed her daily life through MBC’s special “Kim Tae Hee’s Rediscovery”. 

While it has been long since the “IRIS” actress appeared on an entertainment program, viewers believe she will be able to capture the audience’s attention with an arresting charm. They are eager to see the synergy between “MMTG” host JaeJae and Kim Tae Hee. 

Kim Tae Hee will return to the small screen for the first time in three years with the original Genie TV drama “Lies Hidden in My Garden”. The actress challenges her acting capability by portraying the role Moon Joo Ran in a thriller series. Joo Ran is a woman living a picture-perfect life until she starts to sniff the smell of corpses from her house yard. 

The drama will premiere on June 19th. 

Source: naver 

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