Park Eun Bin was suspected of receiving “special treatment” at university

Students from the same school rushed in to defend the actress against such accusations.

In 2011, actress Park Eun Bin successfully entered Sogang University, which is one of the most prestigious education institutions in Korea, only ranked after SKY (the top 3 universities in Korea, including Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University).

The acceptance rate of Sogang University is only 3%, and only 1 in 23 applicants are granted entry to the school – making it among the toughest Korean institutes to get into.

Park Eun Bin

However, Park Eun Bin’s scores weren’t announced at the time, leading to suspicions that the actress received special treatment from Sogang University. However, a fellow student who applied to the school in the same year stepped up to defend her, saying that Park Eun Bin entered the school via a different form of application. In particular, students who applied via this format will need to write an essay and attend an interview, instead of taking the regular test.

“Many people seem to be doubting the integrity of Eun Bin’s acceptance, and while I don’t clearly understand the format, it’s a valid one. I know 2 other students who got into the school the same way Eun Bin did, which doesn’t use scores and instead requires applicants to write an essay and attend an interview. From what I could recall, it’s called the “self application format,” the student said.

Park Eun Bin

As Park Eun Bin was a famous child actress, many people also started to spread malicious rumors about her, saying that she never attended classes, got a poor attendance score, and was on the verge of being expelled.

However, Park Eun Bin was fervently defended by fellow schoolmates, who adored the actress for her kind personality and often met her at school. Sogang students started to flood the comment sections of posts that targeted Eun Bin, where they praised her and even posted evidence of their identity.

Park Eun Bin

According to these friends, Park Eun Bin never missed a class, and got really high scores. They also added that she got at least 3 A grades in one semester, and never failed nor received special treatment at school. 

“Sogang is not a place that goes easy on celebrities”, one said. “As the expulsion grade at our school is extremely high, Park Eun Bin must have worked really hard to be able to graduate.” An alumni also revealed that Sogang was extremely strict on the gradings, and so it was not at all to get high grades. 

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