A man almost got beaten up while filming a “hidden camera” with the concept of a son ignoring his poor mother

How would you react if you saw a son ignoring his poor mother on the street?

Most of the citizens who saw a young man shouting abuse at his mother reacted “this way.”

On Oct 11th (local time), the YouTube channel ‘TreeMan‘ uploaded a video titled “What if a poor mother is ignored by her son”.

In the video, A, who plays the role of a young man, appeared. He yells and nags at his poor mother on the street.

Everyone was busy walking, how did the citizens who saw A react?

A gets angry at the woman whowas playing the role of his mother, saying, “Why did you come out wearing ripped clothes?” and “I’m ashamed of your existence, I’m annoyed.”


Young women, aunties, and office workers who saw this showed similar reactions.

One woman pointed out, “Isn’t everything you have now is thanks to your mother’s hard work to buy you good clothes?”

A man passing by the street said, “Don’t be immature. I don’t know if you’re qualified to call this woman your mother,” he scolded.


Most citizens were furious and criticized at A’s behavior.

YouTube’s “social experiment video” in light and shade

Recently, YouTube channels that professionally upload social experimental videos are gaining popularity.


Social experiment videos are posted in various ways, ranging from trivial topics to extreme ones, and the number of views usually exceeds 10 million each.

Although these are videos that emphasize humanities, some respond with their concerns about side effects due to the use of provocative materials such as crimes targeting the socially disadvantaged.

Experts emphasize, “It seems necessary to monitor through artificial intelligence algorithms without harming the freedom of expression.”

Source: insight

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