Lee Su Jeong, who was determined to appear on “Show Me The Money 11” but got edited out, confessed her feelings

Singer-former Lovelyz member Lee Su Jeong shared why she decided to appear on “Show Me The Money 11” and how she felt after being edited out.

Lee Su Jeong recently had an interview with JTBC Enter News to commemorate the release of her first Christmas season song “The Miracle of Christmas”.

Lee Su Jeong

On that day, she talked about her appearance on Mnet’s hip-hop audition show “Show Me The Money 11”,I participated at the recommendation of the company. I decided without thinking about it too much because doing something is better than doing nothing.

She confessed, “I prepared for about a month. I hoped that I’d be judged by a generous producer. There was no pressure from the first qualifying round, but I failed. I wanted to go up more.

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Lee Su Jeong’s appearance was pre-released on YouTube, but it was edited out on the main broadcast. Regarding this, Lee Su Jeong honestly said, “I have no regrets. I also have no plans to appear on ‘Show Me The Money’ next season. I’m satisfied with this experience.

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Lee Su Jeong debuted as a member of girl group Lovelyz in 2014. She made her name known as the team’s leader and main vocalist with rap skills. In November last year, all members of Lovelyz, except for Lee Su Jeong, terminated their exclusive contracts with Woollim Entertainment. Lee Su Jeong then changed her stage name from BabySoul to her real name Lee Su Jeong.

Lee Su Jeong released her new single “The Miracle of Christmas” with ballad singer Lee Woo through various music sites at 6 PM on Dec 19th.

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