Lee Hyo Ri reveals she is gradually losing friends in Seoul after moving to Jeju 

“Seoul Check-in” Lee Hyo Ri got together with Jeju acquaintances in Seoul.

In the new episode of tvN’s “Seoul Check-in”, which aired on December 19th, Lee Hyo Ri and her friends gathered in Seoul for a yoga photo shoot.

Lee Hyori Seoul check in

Lee Hyo Ri turned to Park Dara and asked, “Has it been a while since you came to Seoul?”

To this, Park Dara said, “I came last month for a concert of my friend.” Lee Hyo Ri then expressed her envy by asking, “Do you have many friends in Seoul?”

Lee Hyori Seoul check in

Lee Hyo Ri went on to confess, “After living in Jeju for a long time, I gradually lost my friends in Seoul. My hometown is Chungbuk.”

When her friends asked, “Do you have many friends in Chungbuk?” Lee Hyo Ri said, “I went to Seoul when I was two years old.”

Source: Daum

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