The ‘breathing’ choreography of GOT The Beat’s new release “Stamp On It” draws keen attention from netizens

SM’s “super girl group” GOT The Beat caused a stir among K-pop fans with their recent dance performance.

GOT The Beat recently made a comeback with the song “Stamp On It”. GOT The Beat is known as SM Entertainment’s “super project girl group” consisting of famous members of their girl groups, such as BoA, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon & Hyoyeon, Red Velvet Wendy & Seulgi, aespa Karina & Winter. 

Unlike expectations, the “super girl group” was not well-received even by SM fans and caused controverises over poor achievements. However, the members’ oustanding talents, including vocals and dance skills, are what people cannot deny. A part of “Stamp On It” choreography recently became a hot topic on online communities.

GOT The Beat
The “breathing” choreography of GOT The Beat is going viral

Karina, Winter, Seulgi and Wendy caught the eyes of K-pop fans with their attractive movements during the dance break of “Stamp On it”. The 4 female idols received compliments for their perfect bodies, sharp eyes and cool expressions in the part where they put one hand on the chest, stretch the other hand and did the ‘breath in breath out’ moves. 

GOT The Beat

Apart from gathering powerful vocalists of SM girl groups in three generations, including Taeyeon, Wendy and Winter, GOT The Beat also have the main dancers Hyoyeon, Seulgi and Karina as well as the a top idol of the first generation – BoA. Despite the talented lineup, GOT The Beat failed to impress the public due to their bad choice of the title song and controversies over BoA expressing disappointment on the group’s poor digital and MV performances.

got the beat
GOT The Beat gathers many all-rounder members but fans only want SM to stop this project

Netizens reacted, “Seulgi’s locking move during ‘Stamp On It’ dance break looks sharp and powerful”, “Why are they dancing in their own ways? The way Wendy dances is different from Seulgi, Winter and Karina”, “Kang Seulgi’s movements are so attractive!”, “Wendy dances very hard”, “Wow, I can’t take my eyes off them. Jimin is so pretty”, “Their choreography are so impressive. GOT The Beat just needs a better song”, “GOT The Beat will be a perfect team without BoA”, etc.

Source: K14

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