A Japanese actor attended Park Eun Bin’s fan meeting… “She’s an angel”Park Eun Bin

Japanese actor Ikki Sawamura expressed his love as a fan for Park Eun Bin.

On Nov 19th, Ikki Sawamura uploaded a photo on his Instagram with the caption “She’s an angel.” He also added hashtags such as “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and “fan meeting”.

The released photo showed Ikki Sawamura taking pictures in front of Park Eun Bin‘s fan meeting poster, drawing attention. He was staring at the camera while wearing a mask. Viewers can feel his love as a fan for Park Eun Bin.

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Park Eun Bin is holding her first Asian fan meeting tour “2022 PARK EUN-BIN Asia Fan Meeting Tour ‘EUN-BIN NOTE: BINKAN'”. She met Japanese fans in Tokyo on Nov 19th. Park Eun Bin’s first fan meeting in Japan drew attention by selling out all seats and receiving explosive responses. One show was added at Japanese fans’ request, proving Park Eun Bin’s hot popularity in Japan.

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The drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” starring Park Eun Bin was greatly loved in Japan. Park Eun Bin expressed her gratitude to Japanese fans through a magazine, “I was really surprised to hear the story. It must have been difficult for (foreigners) to fully sympathize because there were many language-playful jokes. It was amazing and I’m grateful that you enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, Ikki Sawamura debuted in 1996 with the drama “Heaven’s Coin” and was recognized for his acting skills through many dramas and movies. He is appearing in “The Files of Young Kindaichi”, which is currently being broadcast.

Source: Nate

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