“7 Escape” releases still cuts of Lee Yoo Bi portraying an aspiring idol, “She has a fatal weakness”

Actress Lee Yoo Bi heralds a drastic acting transformation with a completely new image

SBS’s new Fri-Sat drama “7 Escape”, which will premiere on September 15th, unveiled still cuts of Lee Yoo Bi, who takes on the role of Han Mo Ne, a star at her high school and an aspiring idol. Many viewers are curious about the truth hidden behind her bright smile as well as things that will happen to Mo Ne once she becomes a stop star loved by many people.

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“7 Escape” is a drama about the struggles of seven people involved in the case of a girl who disappears with numerous lies and desires as well as the bloody revenge that is like divine punishment on them. In particular, the collaboration of ‘hitmaker’ writer Kim Soon Ok and director Joo Dong Min, who created successful works such as “The Last Empress” and the “Penthouse” series, is also raising high viewers’ expectations. The acting performances of trustworthy actors, such as Uhm Ki Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Joon, Lee Yoo Bi, Shin Eun Kyung, Yoon Jong Hoon, Jo Yoon Hee and Jo Jae Yoon, are also highly anticipated.

In the meantime, Lee Yoo Bi’s shocking transformation is arousing keen attention She takes on the role of Han Mo Ne, a girl who has everything from outstanding beauty to a wealthy family background and excellent talents. In the recently released still cuts, Han Mo Ne, who shines even more in her school uniform, captivates drama fans with her bright smile. Known as a “wannabe” among her friends, Han Mo Ne dreams of becoming an idol. With her eyes filled with determination and desire to become a star, she sweats and devotes herself to dancing and singing. 

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In front of the camera, Han Mo Ne steals the spotlight with her confident expression. However, what hides behind her lovely smile is the challenging path that she is taking to pursue her dream. Seemingly possessing everything, Mo Ne turns out to have one fatal weakness called “lie”. Attention is focused on how Mo Ne’s choice on the day she gets involved in the tragedy of the missing girl will change her life and the hellish reality she will face after becoming a superstar.

Regarding her character, Lee Yoo Bi explained, “Han Mo Ne is a star who shines anytime anywhere, but there is a fatal weakness behind her splendid appearance that can cause her to lose everything”. She continued, “I practiced a lot to express the idol styling of Mo Ne as well as a natural singing and dancing performance. In addition, due to the nature of a revenge drama, I thought a lot about how to immerse myself in the emotions of my character to express them better. I hope the viewers enjoy it.”

lee yu bi

The production team of “7 Escape” shared, “Lee Yoo Bi did her best to become Han Mo Ne and we appreciate her efforts. Viewers will be able to realize a new charm of Lee Yoo Bi that they have never seen before”, adding “The special narrative of Han Mo Ne, which also marks the start of the tragedy, will capture your attention.”’

“7 Escape” will air its first episode at 10 p.m. on September 15th.

Source: Daum

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