SBS hit dramas with more than 1 season: Will “Dr. Romantic 3” and “The First Responders 2” continue the success of “Taxi Driver 2”? 

As “Dr. Romantic 3” takes over the baton from “Taxi Driver 2,” expectations are high that it can maintain the reputation of SBS’s multiple-season dramas.

SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Taxi Driver 2” is gearing up for its final episode on April 15th, boasting even higher ratings and more buzz than the previous season.

Taxi Driver 2

Since its premiere, “Taxi Driver 2” has consistently achieved its highest viewership ratings each week, culminating in a record-breaking 22.4% national rating, 19.4% in the capital region, and 7.7% in the 2049 age demographic as of episode 14.

In the past week, “Taxi Driver 2” has ranked first in all viewership indicators across all programs broadcasted. Furthermore, the 2049 age demographic, which serves as the benchmark for buzz and channel competitiveness, achieved its own highest rating once again. (According to Nielsen Korea data)

What is the secret to “Taxi Driver 2” being able to surpass season 1?


It successfully built upon the worldbuilding established in season 1, and effectively incorporated elements that received critical acclaim, such as realistic depictions of tragedies and the chemistry between the Rainbow Squad members.

Additionally, the drama received rave reviews for its plot that never let the main characters die and provided a satisfying conclusion every two episodes without dragging the story. 

The success in following the format of episodic storytelling seen in dramas such as “Dr. Romantic,” “The First Responders,” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” also played a significant role in the popularity of “Taxi Driver”. 


Furthermore, the cast’s flawless acting performances, without any weak spots in both the lead and supporting roles, also contributed greatly to the drama’s success.

Moreover, the timing of the episode releases was astonishingly well-anticipated. An episode related to pseudo-religions was aired at a time when JMS and other issues related to pseudo-religions were hot topics due to the Netflix series “In the Name or God.”

In the “Black Sun” episode, revenge plans were put in motion to take down the “Black Sun Gate,” a conglomerate of various serious crimes such as drug trafficking, tax evasion, sexual assault, and murder. This reminded viewers of the “Burning Sun Gate,” which former Big Bang member Seungri was involved in.

This year, SBS is releasing various multiple-season dramas, including “Taxi Driver,” “Dr. Romantic,” and “The First Responders.”


As the first batter in the lineup, “Taxi Driver 2” achieved success in both viewership ratings and buzz, and raised expectations for its successor, “Dr. Romantic 3.”

“Dr. Romantic” is returning for a third season. It tells the story of real doctors in a run-down hospital in a rural area.

The drama was a mega-hit for SBS, recording the highest ratings of 27% for both seasons 1 in 2016 and season 2 in 2020. Its comeback for season 3 after three years has already attracted much attention before the premiere. 

Dr. Romantic 3

“The First Responders” returns in August with season 2. The first season ended with an intense ending that heralded the beginning of a cooperative investigation to catch an arsonist, raising anticipation for season 2.

As SBS continues to release hit dramas through the season system, from “Taxi Driver 2” to “Dr. Romantic 3” and “The First Responders 2,” attention is focused on whether they can maintain their success.

Source: Daum

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