Girl’s Day Hye-ri showed off her confidence to wear crop tops after a successful dieting 

Singer and actress Lee Hye-ri revealed her daily life of enjoying mukbangs.

On October 14th, Hye-ri‘s YouTube channel “Hyeri” posted a video titled “Eaton snow crab doesn’t gain weight.”

In the video, Lee Hye-ri said, “Today is my day off after a long time. I hung out with my mom and younger brother, and I thought it would be good to film a video at a time like this, so I turned on the camera.”

Lee Hye-ri

“I’m on a diet now, so I ate salad for lunch. I will go to eat snow crab in the evening. I think snow crabs are diet food. Now I can wear clothes that show my belly like this,” she said, referring to her belly becoming slimmer due to diet.

Lee Hye-ri

Hye-ri said on the way to the restaurant, “I’m on a diet these days, so I usually eat salad or hot pot, Vietnamese spring rolls, and poke repeatedly. But I don’t think snow crabs will make me gain weight.” “I’m so hungry that I’m suffering,” she appealed.

Later, Lee Hye-ri, who arrived at a snow crab restaurant with her family and relatives, showed her extraordinary affection for food by showing an outspoken snow crab eating show.

Lee Hye-ri

Hye-ri will appear in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Ildangbaek Butler,” which will premiere on October 19th.

Source: daum

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