Kim Yoo-jung has been doing Lovestagram with “this actor” these days

Fans are showing interest in the lovely moments of Kim Yoo-jung and Lee Joo-young.

Kim Yoo-jung is famous as an actress who has a youthful and unchanging visual despite her grown-up body after becoming an adult. She has recently become a hot topic for her Lovestagram with a celebrity.

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The celebrity mentioned in Kim Yoo-jung’s Lovestagram topic is actress Lee Joo-young

Not long ago, Lee Joo-young posted photos of her going on an exhibition date with Kim Yoo-jung on her Instagram. In addition, the two also attended the Busan International Film Festival with their respective works.

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Lee Joo-young uploaded Kim Yoo-jung’s red carpet photo and exclaimed, “Oh, so pretty”. Kim Yoo-jung also shared Lee Joo-young’s post and responded “Kyaaa” with some heart emoticons.

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Not stopping there, Lee Joo-young joined the GV event for the new film “20th Century Girl” starring Kim Yoo-jung. She took some pictures showing Kim Yoo-jung looking straight at her and making a cute V pose in the middle of the event. In response, Kim Yoo-jung continued to share Lee Joo-young’s post on her account.

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In fact, the two have never appeared in the same work but built their strong friendship after joining TVing’s “Youth MT”, an entertainment program released last month. At the beginning of the show, they even made the viewers laugh with the awkward moments between them because they were still shy of each other at that time. 

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After doing activities in the program together, Kim Yoo-jung and Lee Joo-young became closer and they relied on each other more. Fans are showing support and enthusiastic responses to the lovely friendship between the two actresses. They commented, “It’s so nice to see the two together. Please be happy”, “I love them”, “I’m jealous of them”, etc.

Lee Joo-young made her debut as a director this year with the short film “Leave at Door, Bell X”. Her film was released through the Busan International Film Festival. Meanwhile, Kim Yoo-jung’s new movie “20th Century Girl” has been scheduled to be released on Netflix on October 21st.

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