Red Velvet is being “abandoned” by SM Entertainment 

Despite being a top girl group of the Kpop 3rd generation, Red Velvet is not receiving adequate attention from their agency, SM Entertainment. 

Red Velvet, who debuted under SM Entertainment, is a leading girl group in the 3rd generation of Kpop. Despite their outstanding visuals, talent, and stage presence, however, it seems that Red Velvet is slowing down due to negligence from their own agency. 

Is SM Entertainment forgetting about Red Velvet? 

Recently in the YouTube program “Level Up! Project Season 5”, Red Velvet members took time to reminisce on their heyday, where they never stopped having schedules due to the intense popularity of “Red Flavor” and “Peek-A-Boo”.

In particular, Joy expressed, “At the time, there were so many schedules, they just continued whenever I opened my eyes. However, I later thought, ‘popularity is not something that can last forever’, and schedules started to become precious.”

Meanwhile, Wendy added, “We did three albums a year, and it seemed like we would continue to live like that at the time.”

However, now that Red Velvet is a senior in the industry, their number of schedules have remarkably lessened. 

Red Velvet
Red Velvet members took time to reminisce on their heyday with endless schedules 
Red Velvet
Red Velvet member treasure their busy schedule as it is a testament of their popularity
“Red Flavor” can be considered the heyday of Red Velvet’s career

Despite having debuted 8 years ago under SM Entertainment, Red Velvet only has 2 full Korean albums – an extremely low number when compared to their seniority. 

Red Velvet has only released 2 full Korean albums across their 8-year-career 
This is an extremely low number compared to their seniority

After the COVID-19 pandemic, most Kpop groups are extremely busy with various performances and face-to-face concerts, and yet Red Velvet seem to have been left out of the trend. In fact, the group was supposed to hold their offline concert “The Reve Festival: Prologue” in March 2022, but it was eventually canceled without any sign of being held again. 

At the news of their concert cancellation, Red Velvet member Yeri expressed her frustration, saying, “The feeling of having dedicated so much effort and passion into preparing something only for naught got me feeling frustrated, mad, and exhausted. Of course, nobody is to blame, but to see everything canceled, our concert postponed, our promotions ending early… I just felt empty, as if everything I worked hard for had become for nothing. I want to go somewhere far, something I was never able to do before.”

blackpink red velvet
Red Velvet’s concert was postponed indefinitely 
red velvet yeri
Yeri felt frustrated over the sudden cancellation 
Red Velvet
It has been an extremely long time since Red Velvet held a solo concert 

On top of all these, Red Velvet recently celebrated their 8th year debut anniversary, but SM Entertainment did hold any special event for the group. Instead, the company only focuses on releasing more merchandise to derive money from fans.

red velvet
Red Velvet got no special event to celebrate their 8th year anniversary 
red velvet
Fans believe that SM is being unfair to Red Velvet 
red velvet
Many people believe that SM Entertainment is abandoning their 3rd generation girl group

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