Former NMIXX Jinni joining The Black Label is “groundless”, said the agency

YG-affiliated agency The Black Label has spoken up about rumors of former NMIXX member Jinni signing a contract with them. 

On the afternoon of March 20th, an official from The Black Label said to media outlet TV Daily that “Rumors that Jinni is signing an exclusive contract with us are not true”. They also added that all involved rumors are groundless, and that there has been no discussion between the two parties related to a contract. 


Previously, Jinni opened her personal Instagram account after departing from girl group NMIXX. She is later followed by Peter Chun, an executive at The Black Label, rousing rumors about her possibly joining the agency. 

In addition, an industry insider claimed that Jinni has finished discussion with The Black Label, and the agency responded by saying they are “verifying the information”, leading to further speculations. 

On the other hand, Jinni debuted with JYP girl group NMIXX in February 2022, but suddenly exited the group in December of the same year.

Source: LSB

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