After BTS Jin and EXO Baehyun, Jisoo is predicted to become the next solo million-seller

Jisoo, a member of BLACKPINK, is attracting attention for showing remarkable popularity even before her official solo debut.

According to YG Entertainment, as of March 20th, Jisoo’s first solo album “ME” has surpassed 950,000 pre-orders in just two weeks (as of March 20) since it began pre-sale on the 6th. This is the highest number ever for a single album by a K-pop female solo artist.


“ME” had already recorded 510,000 pre-orders within two days of pre-sale and 840,000 pre-orders within a week. With about 11 days left until the album’s release, it is anticipated that Jisoo will become the first K-pop female solo artist to achieve the “million-seller” title.

In addition, orders for Jisoo’s solo album not only come from South Korea but also from North America, Europe, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. This highlights Jisoo’s strong presence in the global music market.


Considering the extraordinary expectations that music fans have for Jisoo, a new history is expected to unfold. Previously, the solo releases of Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé all set meaningful milestones in K-pop by breaking new records in album sales, YouTube views, and global charts.

Jisoo will unveil her first solo album “ME” on March 31st. The album is expected to feature a diverse musical world that fully reflects Jisoo’s identity. Moreover, the MV for the title track “FLOWER” was filmed at an overseas location with the highest production cost in BLACKPINK’s history.

Meanwhile, the physical album for Jisoo’s “ME”will be released in three formats: CD, KiT, and LP. The music will be released at 0:00 Eastern Time in the U.S. and 1:00 PM Korean Time.

Source: Daum

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