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Suffering poor ratings after Lee Seung Gi’s withdrawal, “Master in the House” will eventually end after 4 months of broadcasting

The production team of “Master in the House” delivered sad news three days after Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s wedding.

According to SBS on April 10th, “Master in the House” will wrap up Season 2 with the broadcast on April 23rd. Since its first episode release on January 1st, Season 2 has been airing for 4 months.

Following the end of Season 1 in September last year, the production team spent three months reorganizing the program then returned with a new season. In Season 2, Lee Dae Ho and GOT7 BamBam joined the cast to fill the vacancy left by Lee Seung Gi.

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After changing its airing time from 6:20 p.m. to 5 p.m., “Master in the House” struggled as it kept recording sluggish viewer ratings in the range of 1% from the first episode. This was the lowest performance among entertainment programs of the same broadcasting time. On the contrary, “Running Man”, which took over the time slot previously arranged for “Master in the House”, witnessed an increase in viewership trend.

The highest viewer rating record of “Master in the House” Season 2 was 2.6% in the episode featuring football coach Park Hang Seo. The program once dropped to the lowest point of 1.1%.

As a result, SBS decided to end the program after four months of broadcast. SBS stated, “We haven’t decided on the production of Season 3 or follow-up programs”, adding “We don’t have any plan for Season 3 at the moment, so you can think that the program is ending with Season 2.”

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The reputation of “Master in the House,” which once surpassed 10% rating as a representative entertainment program of SBS, has been forgotten for a long time. Was it due to the absence of Lee Seung Gi, “Master in the House” leader who won SBS Entertainment Awards for his performance on this show? Or was it a problem with the lack of subject matter and chemistry between the old cast and new members? The end of “Master in the House,” which has continued since 2017, drew deep regrets from netizens.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi, who refused to join “Master in the House” Season 2, announced his appearance on other variety shows such as “Strong Heart League” and “Brother Ramyeon”. On the 7th, he tied the knot with actress Lee Da In.

Source: Daum

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