TXT responds to antifans’ statement that “the group’s success is due to the company’s and BTS’s reputation”

Many anti-fans previously claimed that TXT had gained attention and attained success owing to BTS and BigHit Music’s reputations.

TXT is currently one of the top 4th generation boy groups. In early June of this year, TXT returned with the album The Chaos Chapter: Freeze and the title song 0X1=LOVESONG and achieved impressive success.

However, even though the boy group BigHit has achieved such impressive achievements, many netizens believe that what the group achieved is thanks to the fame of BTS and BigHit.


Finally, on August 17, during the showcase preceding the group’s comeback, Yeonjun addressed the issue on behalf of the group.

“We are always under a lot of pressure as some people believe that the group’s success is only due to the company.

The company’s reputation indeed contributes to our success in some ways. We are, nevertheless, attempting to overcome that pressure. Rather than avoiding it, we think that if we keep working hard, we will eventually be able to offer the audience a realistic, high-quality image and wonderful music, even if it takes a long time. It might be challenging, but we prefer to take it slowly. “

Meanwhile, TXT will be back with the music video for “LO$ER=LO♡ER” which will be released at 6 pm KST on August 17.

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