5 spooky stories as told by BLACKPINK’s Lisa

These spooky, Halloween stories prove Lisa is a supernatural event magnet. 

1. Sleep paralysis 

In a Vlive with Jisoo, Lisa recalled a story when the doors to Lisa’s and Rosé’s rooms were open and opposite each other.  At that time, Lisa was sitting in Jisoo’s room playing on her phone and Jisoo went to the bathroom to wash her face when she saw a shadow of a person approaching. Lisa thought that was Rosé because Rosé told her she wanted to watch TV with them. She proceeded to call Rosé but felt something weird so she asked, “Chaeyoung, where are you?” to which Rosé replied she was in her room. Lisa told Jisoo about the event and Jisoo jokingly said, “What if the person entered your room?”. On the next day, Lisa had sleep paralysis where she suddenly woke up but could not move. When she opened her eyes she saw a man sitting on her bed. 

2. A ghost in the wardrobe

At the dorm, I was feeling really tired so I decided to go to bed early. Suddenly I heard a ‘bang’ from my wardrobe (the noise sounded constantly). I wanted to see what was going on but could not open my eyes or move my body. I immediately felt someone approaching and stood beside me and laughed hysterically. I could not wiggle or scream”. 

Lisa tried to wake up with all her might and ran out to the guest room to sleep. The idol later brought the story to a teller and was told there was a ghost in the wardrobe. The members decided to throw it away. 

3. Strange noise 

When Lisa was filming “Lisa TV Onstyle”, there was a lot of strange noise echoing. She was at home alone at the time. 

4. Her photo with DJ Snake 

A photo she took with DJ Snake somehow showed a vague image of a face beside Lisa. 

blackpink lisa

5. The automated trash bin 

Recently, the story of her motion-sensing trash can resurfaced and became viral on the Internet where her automated trash can made the opening noise without prompt. In telling the story, she joked that she got used to the paranormal activities around her. 

Source: FB

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