Jennie’s friend Shin Hyun Ji makes acting debut, impresses next to Lee Na Young 

Top model Shin Hyun Ji, who is known to be close with BLACKPINK Jennie, has taken successful first steps as an actress.

Having conquered the domestic and international fashion industry with active engagements, Shin Hyun Ji now confidently revealed her start as an actress. Recently, she made her acting debut in the wavve original drama “One Day Off” (also known as “Park Ha Kyung’s Journey”, which was released on May 24th.


“One Day Off” is a cheerful travel story about Park Ha Kyung (played by Lee Na Young), an Korean language teacher who embarks on a one-day trip when she wants to disappear, depicting unexpected moments and miraculous encounters. Even before its release, the drama garnered high expectations due to its heartwarming story, relatability, and a splendid lineup of special appearances.

In the drama, Shin Hyun Ji appeared as Baek Ari, a tarot master who is mysterious, unique in personality, and exudes a hip style. Despite it being her first acting challenge, she seamlessly blended into the character, representing a free-spirited youth and eliciting admiration.


Baek Ari’s first appearance captivated everyone’s attention. Her enigmatic mask, which clearly indicates that she is the owner of an Oriental mood shop, and her overwhelming aura caught everyone’s gaze. The intriguing and charming Baek Ari piqued curiosity about what kind of activities she would engage in the future.

Subsequently, Baek Ari’s broad spectrum of characteristics enriched the story further. Her warm-hearted concern for Park Ha Kyung, worrying that the exhibition might be empty or that Kim Yeon Joo might get hurt, added warmth to the drama. On the other hand, she displayed an active girl-crush side by confidently taking the lead in promoting the exhibition, with her arms spread wide and grooving to the rhythm. Baek Ari’s free-spirited dancing evoked the feeling of a youthful movie and sparked “Ari Fever.”


In this way, Shin Hyun Ji showcased a distinctive presence that overshadowed the fact that it was her first acting challenge. With stable vocalization, clear pronunciation, and meticulous eye acting, she naturally merged with the drama. There was also a flood of responses praising the fantastic synergy created by the combination of Shin Hyun Ji’s freshness and the unique personality of her character.

Meanwhile, “One Day Off” episodes 1-4, in which Shin Hyun Ji appears, has been released on Wavve and are receiving enthusiastic praises. 

Source: Nate

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