Jeon So-mi, #3 on Spotify and 30 million views on her MV

Singer Jeon So-mi showed off her unrivaled presence as a candidate for the title “Solo Queen”. 

On Nov 1st, Jeon So-mi was ranked third on the Top 10 Global Album Debuts chart released by Spotify, the world’s largest music platform.

Jeon So-mi

On this chart, compiled from the 29th to the 31st of last month, Jeon So-mi‘s first full-length album “XOXO” proved her strong global influence by ranking third, right behind Ed Sheeran’s “=” and Nicki Nicole’s “Parte de Mi.” In addition, Spotify recently drew attention by widely announcing the news of Jeon So-mi‘s comeback through a large electronic billboard display at the heart of New York, Times Square.

Jeon So-mi

Thanks to this enthusiasm, her music video also broke her own record at 2:13 p.m. on Nov 2nd, three days after its release, surpassing 30 million views on YouTube. The number of views is still on a steep rise, proving the global fans’ explosive interest in Jeon So-mi. Immediately after its release, “XOXO” topped the iTunes K-pop top album chart and K-pop song chart. B-side tracks “Anymore,” “Watermelon,” “Don’t Let Me Go (Feat. Giriboy)” and “DUMB DUMB” are also setting new records every day, raising expectations for her new activities.

Jeon So-mi

XOXO,” which captivates the audiences’ ears with Jeon So-mi’s unique voice right from the beginning, is loved by music fans for its unexpected lyrics that contrast with the lovely title. She continues to move globally and proves her potential of claiming the “Solo Queen” title. She is actively engaged in various music programs and variety contents.

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