2PM’s Lee Jun-Ho voted as No.1 male star fans want to spend Chuseok with

2PM member and actor Lee Jun-ho was selected as the No. 1 male star fans wants to spend the Chuseok holiday with

Lee Jun-ho ranked first in the “Which male star do you want to spend the Chuseok holiday with?” questionnaire held on STARPOLL, a comprehensive entertainment mobile app, from September 18 to September 25.

Lee Jun-Ho

Lee Jun-ho debuted as a member of 2PM in September 2008 and had various hit songs such as  “My House,” “10 Out of 10,” “Hands Up,” and “Heartbeat.” He also stood out in the drama “Chief Kim” and was the male lead in other productions such as “Confession,” “The Red Sleep,” and “King the Land.” 

Following Lee Jun-ho (90,626 votes), BTS V (86,342 votes), third-place BTS Jung-kook (8,203 votes), fourth-place Lim Young-woong (1,056 votes), and fifth-place BTS Jimin (141 votes) also made the list.

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