BTS V flaunted gentleman vibe through new pictorial ‘Veautiful Day’ 

BTS member V showed off his picturesque beauty.

On the 8th, V, who became the fifth runner of ‘Special 8 Photo-Folio’, released a concept film and preview image on BTS’s official SNS.


In the released video and photos, V portrayed a gentleman’s beautiful day against the backdrop of 19th century Europe. Beautiful Days, expressed in classical sensibility, contains a total of four concepts of modern Europe’s mood.


V is a gentleman taking horseback riding lessons, and he meets fans by enjoying tea time. The atmosphere as if it was a scene from a movie further accentuated V’s romantic and charming visual.

‘Veautiful Days’ reflects V’s taste in listening to jazz and wearing classic costumes. It is rumored that V participated in the overall pictorial work from the planning stage and carefully selected even the vintage props that appeared in each image.


Meanwhile, V’s pictorial ‘Veautiful Day’ will be released on the 23rd.

Source: naver

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