ITZY’s feelings about charting on Billboard. “We couldn’t believe it”

Appearing on the “Cultwo Show”, ITZY expressed their feelings about entering the Billboard ranking.

On the broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” aired on October 7th, Paul Kim and ITZY appeared and shared their stories.

During the broadcast, Kim Tae Kyun surprised everyone by saying, “ITZY’s new album ranked 11th on the Billboard 200. It is about to rise to the top 10. Let’s go up to the No.1”

Upon hearing this, Yeji expressed her feelings, “When I first heard this news, I couldn’t believe it. First of all, we can’t meet our fans, right? So I thought there should be a number 1 in front of our rank number.”

Then she said, “I’m so grateful that we made it to the chart”. Yuna also added, “I hope the situation gets better soon so that we can meet our fans in person and perform for them. We want to repay them for everything.”

Moreover, Ryujin also talked about what she thought before the release of their album. She said, “The question, ‘Will this work well?’, came to my mind first. But I also got excited when I heard the song. That’s what I mostly felt that time.”

Source: daeum

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